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Designing and furnishing the outdoor space allows to gain an extra room to be fully enjoyed during the good season. A well planned outdoor furniture offers the chance to customize the outside space to a maximum degree, combining functionality and aesthetics. Awnings, a garden sofa or a pergola are all elements that can make up a living area in the open air, favoring sociability and sharing. Garden tables and chairs can be matched with an aim to compose a dining area where to host lunches and dinners. To make sure the space is organized in the best way, it is generally recommended to think about arranging some focal points and namely a corner for the consumption of food and drinks, a relax area with hammocks and garden sofas and eventually a basic covering – such as a garden umbrella, for instance – to be shielded in the hottest hours.

How to design and furnish a pretty and functional outdoor dining area

In the classical models of chairs and tables for outdoor, wood, plastics and iron are the most used materials. In recent times, modern solutions have included materials such as polyethylene, aluminium, steel, resin and corian. The main factor when choosing a piece of furniture for your outdoor is resistance, since all components need to stand atmospheric agents; hence the quality of the material is crucial. No less importance should be given to the product design. Upholstered pieces for the outdoor or minimalist solutions, everything depends on the furniture style you chose to decorate the garden or terrace. Garden chairs, for instance, are available in more compact or larger-size models, making them look very similar to small armchairs. You will combine chairs with garden tables to compose a dining area in the open air. Wood is without any doubt the material that more naturally integrates within an outdoor context and is treated with exact aim of resisting atmospheric agents. Polyethylene and plastic tables make a very practical option, proposing modern design models next to more traditional solutions. A dining area is not complete without an outdoor kitchen or barbecue for you to arrange lunches and dinners in the open air.

A living area in the open air

By combining a garden sofa with armchairs or garden daybeds it is possible to set up an outdoor living area to enjoy social moments outside. Choosing cushions and garden poufs of different shapes and patterns allows to customize this area of the garden to a maximum level and to use them also as extra sits, thus reducing the typical obstruction caused by a chair. The lucky ones owning a swimming pool will have a chance to use the poolside to set up a comfortable relax area. ... More ... less ... More ... less

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