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When choosing furniture, it is necessary to take into consideration the style that you wish to use in your own spaces. An interior design project includes a variety of products, articles and models in different shapes and materials, from leather and wood to metal and velvet finishes. From iconic pieces of classical inspiration to contemporary metal solutions, the composition of the furniture can involve the use of elements with common or contrasting characteristics, preferring an impressive mix&match. For this reason, it is essential to evaluate both aesthetics and functionality, to be sure of designing an environment that is both beautiful and comfortable.

Creating the furnishing style, from the living room to the kitchen

When choosing and designing living area furniture, it is essential to take into account the space available and the style that you want to convey within the environment. Whether it is for a modern furnishing style or for a more traditional project, the choice of furniture material is fundamental to show the character of your own home. For example, when choosing the furniture for the living area, if there is little room available, it is better to choose design objects with soft pastel colours to make the space airier. The other variables to take into account are definitely the sizes and dimensions of the furnitures themselves.

Furnitures that make a small room bigger

You can start by trying to identify the focal point of a room to make the space seem larger: the secret is to use eye catching design objects as a focus. Sofas and armchairs, coffee tables and chairs become the protagonists of the location with textures, colours and patterns that fit into the space, enhancing it. Another solution is to paint the ceiling in a lighter shade than the walls, to increase the sense of height. When choosing the living area furniture for a small room it is better to avoid closing the spaces with doors and hatches, preferring shelves and metal rods to store small items and accessories. Tables and chairs also play a fundamental role in this sense: if you are undecided on which model to choose, you can opt for folding products, which allow you to clutter a space as little as possible. ... More ... less ... More ... less

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