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09-14 April 2019 / Italy, Milan



Fiera Milano
Fiera Milano

Salone del mobile

Costume by Stefan Diez: Sustainability Is Simplicity
Technological Wood by Alias
Gloria: A Different Dress for Every Occasion
Zanotta: Urban Passion
Eclectic Meets Mediterranean Baroque
Atal by ALKI for Flexible Workspaces
Genea by atelier oï
Playful, Scultpural, Functional: Jamie Hayon for BD Barcelona Design
Saul: Versatility Is Key
Philippe Starck + Glas Italia: Design Dematerialized
Sustainable Felt: Nuances by Patricia Urquiola
Michael Anastassiades with B&B Italia
David Chipperfield, Stefan Diez and Philipp Mainzer for e15
Return of the 416 Series
The COR Salon at Milano Design Week
A Domestic Atmosphere Open to New Horizons
New releases and continuity with the past
Linvisibile at MDW
Ubikubi. A showcase of smart crafted furniture
'Lost In Space' by Adrenalina
Hebanon Fratelli Basile - 1830 at Salone del Mobile
Retro Furniture with a Surreal Mood
Riluc's Timeless Materials and Daring Designs
With the Heart Far From the Head


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