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23-27 October 2018 / Germany, Cologne





Introducing Glow
Shining a New Light on Work
Comfort and color to furnish contract spaces
Okito. Homage to Minimalism
Eco-Sustainable Carpets and Rugs
'Personas'. The Person at the Center of Actiu Office
Open Space & Home Office
Ensure Relaxed Working
A Room Within a Room
Indoor and Outdoor. Patrick Norguet + Ethimo
CUF Milano at Orgatec
Biga and Ponte. Versatility and tailoring details
Offecct Launches its New Collection Edition
Inspiration and Research. Segis at Orgatec 2018
The Office Space According to Very Wood
Prostoria new collections at Orgatec
Kettal’s Office Pavilions at Orgatec
Smart Working by Dieffebi
'Emotional and relational working spaces'
Thonet presents at Orgatec the S 260 chair
LUCTRA® presents VITAWORK lamp at Orgatec 2018
Work Doesn’t Have to Tie You to an Office Desk!
'Lifelong Learning': Arper at Orgatec 2018
Vitra Office at Orgatec
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